Released Games

iMusic Puzzle - Solve the puzzle and enjoy the music!
iMusic Puzzle is a game where you need to use your skills in order to solve audio puzzles that are created with pieces of your favorite iTunes Library songs!

DJ Nights - Julie Thompson Edition - Party with Julie Thompson!
Julie Thompson Edition features eleven songs from Julie's last album, "Feeling for Corners". Have fun tapping in this energizing music game.

DJ Nights - Global Tour - get into the music and start DJ'ing now!
DJ Nights is a high-quality music game where you are the DJ of the best night clubs around the world! It's the perfect game for Trance, House and Techno fans!

Mixbox - Transform phrases in cool remixes!
With MixBox you can remix politician speechs, your funny teachers, your mom complaining, and even your best friends! Just record some spoken phrases and create with MixBox your own unique music mix. Play with your friends and have fun!

Throat Detonator - Shout it out and save the world! (This week FREE)
Throat Detonator is an action game where you are the super hero that can save the day with a unique power: your throat! Your mission is to detonate your enemies by screaming in their ressonance frequency!

Leds - Think fast to discover the right words! (This week FREE)
Leds is a word puzzle game that challenges you to find out what is being shown on a panel with broken Leds. You need to be quick to figure out all the letters and form the words.

Drums Challenge - Be the best iPhone Drummer!
Drums Challenge is a music game where you'll be drawn into musical battles against world's best drummers. Have fun tapping on a virtual drum kit on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Challenge drummers of different styles such as Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock, Metal, Punk, Latino and Reggae!


Computer music technologies and components

MusiGames Engine
MusiGames Engine (MGE) is the definitive audio solution for game developers. MGE goes beyond traditional audio APIs, offering unique features such as the audio descriptors (ex: energy, tempo, tonality) extractor. It retrieves symbolic data in order to create music-based levels, enabling players to use their own song files in a given game level.

Another important feature is the audio joystick, which enables games to be played with any microphone, recognizing sounds and mapping them into game commands.

The engine also provides the interactive soundtrack composer that uses advanced musical AI techniques to create seamless interactive soundtracks, based on the users’ actions and the level design.

MusiGames Engine is available for third-party developers. For more information about the engine, its features and possibilities please get in touch with us.